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See I told you …

you didn’t believe me did you?  I’m a sometimes blogger.  Life has been a little busy lately, I’ve been facebooking on and off, drawing, baby sitting children, helping best friends and generally been doing the life of a housewife.

My fascination with the Game of Thrones theme song continues as well.  I have this music swirling around in my head catching me up in its passion and tragedy.  I’ve read the books, but I’m beginning to feel like I should watch the series as well, even if it is just for Sean Bean.  This theme … just … wow …

Anyway … so yes … I’m a sometimes blogger … I write when the mood takes me and tell my story when it happens.



I'm a sometimes writer, blogger and Second Life player. I dream, I scream, I quote and I love. I'm a witch, Switch, sister, daughter, lover, mother. I deal with PCOS, Post Natal Depression and Anxiety, and "general" depression and anxiety on a daily basis. I'm a SF fanatic, a Trekkie, gamer, reader ... the list goes on and is subject to change ;)

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