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Beltaine/May Eve

Well, my house is clean, fresh linens on the bed and the air smells faintly of Pagan Magic incense, a deep temple incense with undertones of cinnamon, sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense.  I’ve been thinking about this festival … the cyclic nature of the world and how we interact with it.  It seems to me that we, the human species, are a creature of habit and ritual.  We love our little rituals, whether it is the hot beverage in the morning while contemplating the sunrise or whatnot … I know I am … my partner, mother and I were having a discussion Monday night about whether or not we accepted change in our lives.  I erroneously said that I hated change.  That’s not true.  I welcome change, the change of self, of being, of living.  What I don’t like is a change in my ritual … I like my creature comforts, my habits and rituals, and I don’t particularly like them disturbed.  I’m not sure why this is, but I know I get anxious if my routines and rituals are upset.  Anyway … blogging to share and wish you all a Joyous May Day/Beltaine!Image



I'm a sometimes writer, blogger and Second Life player. I dream, I scream, I quote and I love. I'm a witch, Switch, sister, daughter, lover, mother. I deal with PCOS, Post Natal Depression and Anxiety, and "general" depression and anxiety on a daily basis. I'm a SF fanatic, a Trekkie, gamer, reader ... the list goes on and is subject to change ;)

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