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Bullet Journaling; Lessons in being lazy

So today, I can share with you an abject lesson in being lazy with my bullet journal journey. I actually created a template for my diary. It looks pretty and to be very honest, I created it because I had some serious ghosting happening on one of the pages (thank you very much to my “pastel” markers).

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again as it seems to curb some of my creative flow.



I'm a sometimes writer, blogger and Second Life player. I dream, I scream, I quote and I love. I'm a witch, Switch, sister, daughter, lover, mother. I deal with PCOS, Post Natal Depression and Anxiety, and "general" depression and anxiety on a daily basis. I'm a SF fanatic, a Trekkie, gamer, reader ... the list goes on and is subject to change ;)

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