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Bullet Journaling; Lessons in being lazy

So today, I can share with you an abject lesson in being lazy with my bullet journal journey. I actually created a template for my diary. It looks pretty and to be very honest, I created it because I had some serious ghosting happening on one of the pages (thank you very much to my “pastel” markers).

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again as it seems to curb some of my creative flow.

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img_20161023_174651Again, once again I prove how much of a sometimes blogger I am LOL.  Be that as it may, I have decided that with my new obsession, bullet journaling (I seriously need a bigger pencil case), I will make it a mission to blog at least once a day if I can help it.

Almost a year ago!

Oh, if you haven’t read in my other blog site, I had a baby in the mean time as well.  Whodathunkit?!  He’s almost 1 now (that’s his Grampy holding him there just after he was born).  It’s been a journey and a half with him; the world of nappies and shit, of diagnoses in clubfoot (or scientifically equinovires talipes) (him), Hashimoto’s Hyphothyroidism (me) and postnatal depression and anxiety, of first birthday parties, grandparental visits and sleepovers, of child care and returning to work.  Needless to say, being a mum is a work in progress and I will be writing further on this topic as I go.  As you can see, the main topics will be those that I’ve put in italics.  What I will say though, I wouldn’t change it for the world; this little man has me by the heart good and proper.

Well, time to move on.  I’ll catch you later!

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Beltaine/May Eve

Well, my house is clean, fresh linens on the bed and the air smells faintly of Pagan Magic incense, a deep temple incense with undertones of cinnamon, sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense.  I’ve been thinking about this festival … the cyclic nature of the world and how we interact with it.  It seems to me that we, the human species, are a creature of habit and ritual.  We love our little rituals, whether it is the hot beverage in the morning while contemplating the sunrise or whatnot … I know I am … my partner, mother and I were having a discussion Monday night about whether or not we accepted change in our lives.  I erroneously said that I hated change.  That’s not true.  I welcome change, the change of self, of being, of living.  What I don’t like is a change in my ritual … I like my creature comforts, my habits and rituals, and I don’t particularly like them disturbed.  I’m not sure why this is, but I know I get anxious if my routines and rituals are upset.  Anyway … blogging to share and wish you all a Joyous May Day/Beltaine!Image

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See I told you …

you didn’t believe me did you?  I’m a sometimes blogger.  Life has been a little busy lately, I’ve been facebooking on and off, drawing, baby sitting children, helping best friends and generally been doing the life of a housewife.

My fascination with the Game of Thrones theme song continues as well.  I have this music swirling around in my head catching me up in its passion and tragedy.  I’ve read the books, but I’m beginning to feel like I should watch the series as well, even if it is just for Sean Bean.  This theme … just … wow …

Anyway … so yes … I’m a sometimes blogger … I write when the mood takes me and tell my story when it happens.

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Morning poem

The beat of multitudes of wings overhead a zephyr beat
Accompanied the song of the morning
The sun rising, it’s molten liquid spreading over land and lake
Shining through grey clouds of soft steel
The passage of traffic, tyres treading dark paths to their destination
The sleep in my eyes slowly removed as I greet the morning my prayers of thanks given wings as they pass overhead

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Blogging hard?

Truly, I am working hard on my new blog … I’ve not forgotten about this one at all!  But I must admit, I’m having so much fun with the other one – it’s not so haphazard as this one 😀