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Blogging hard?

Truly, I am working hard on my new blog … I’ve not forgotten about this one at all! ¬†But I must admit, I’m having so much fun with the other one – it’s not so haphazard as this one ūüėÄ

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Unenthused …

I’m really feeling tired right now. I managed to reorganize some furniture and I’m supposed to be cleaning up the fridge (this stupid little bar fridge that does nothing) so I can fit all the shopping in it, but really, I’m so unenthused by it all, even if my living area is a mess. I’m watching that 90 Days PCOS free video at the moment and the woman’s effervescence is just wearing me out. I’m glad she’s made it, but for the life of me, I’m not sure if I can apply it right now.

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Belly Dance … as natural as walking

My post on yoga and the subsequent comment from nanakinpie1 has inspired me to write a bit about my most favourite form of exercise Рbelly dance.

Many moons ago, in my mid- to late 20s, I began belly dancing. ¬†Now, I know what you’re probably imagining: glittery bright costumes, sequins, floating chiffon, tits bouncing and waggling as I seductively wiggle my hips around a stage, and I can tell you it was nothing like that at all … well, maybe the occasional floating chiffon. ¬†The form of belly dancing I learned and performed is American Tribal Style (ATS) and is nothing like the¬†cabaret¬†style of belly dancing we all know. ¬†It is about women’s empowerment through movement, a “look at me, I am a powerful woman”, rather than a “look at me, I am a seductive woman”. ¬†Now, even at that age, I had a bit of a belly (thanks a lot PCOS), even if I was 55kg and as skinny as a rake, but by the end of 6 months, I had the “belly of steel”. ¬†I LOVED ATS! ¬†If my knees weren’t so fucked, I’d be dancing my little (ok, not so little) ass off still. ¬†So, back to describing ATS …

This form of belly dancing is as it says,¬†tribal, it was developed from the amalgamation of the tribal dances along the Silk Route, all the way from Egypt to India. ¬†Each dance movement brings a sense of serenity, empowerment and yes, sexiness, giving you back your femininity without sacrificing an ounce of gender equality. ¬†The costumes are elaborate and heavy, gorgeous and alluring, as well as archaic and modern. ¬†If you can walk, you can belly dance. ¬†It doesn’t matter what size you are, or how old you may be, you can dance. ¬†I encourage you very strongly to learn belly dance, especially ATS if you have a company who teaches this style. ¬†Sorry … getting a little melancholy as I really do miss ATS.

Anyway, here’s a link of me dancing, feel free to navigate through the entire site, I am sure Anysia and Meegan would be delighted. ¬†By the way, in the clip I’ve posted, I’m the wee slip of a girl on the far right hand side at the beginning in the wine-coloured choli:¬†¬†Black Swan Tribe

Here’s some links to do with ATS:

I hope you enjoy!!!


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More on the Fertile Menace

Ok, ok … I’m being prolific here, but at least I’m being informatively prolific! ¬†I apologise before hand as well if I rehash old blogs

I figured that I’d blog a bit about my Fertile Menace just to help me through some of the issues that I’m going through with this illness … or really, duo of illnesses as I also have endometriosis. ¬†While there are probably a plethora of organisations out there that specifically handle either illness (I’ll add links at the bottom), ¬†I’d love to hear from ladies who have either PCOS or endometriosis, or, both. ¬†Your stories are valuable to me.

I was diagnosed with both PCOS and endometriosis (and told that in both cases that they were¬†mild instances; *pshaw* what a load of crap, considering the consistent amount of pain I endure each time I menstruate, ovulate, those stupid violent mood swings … well, I’m getting sidetracked here) in my early 30s, about half way through the years of trying naturally to have children with my then partner. ¬†While I now thank every god in the universe that we never had children, I will regret to my dying day that I haven’t been able to have children so far at all – no, I have never have fallen pregnant to my knowledge. ¬†I’ve heard of some miracle stories where women have become pregnant and successfully had children while PCOS ravages their lives, and to be truthful, it’s so hard not to be jealous and ask the powers that be “why not me?” ¬†I never get a bloody answer either *grumble*. ¬†But ¬†yet again, I digress.

I’m not really sure what the aim of this post is all about, other than to say to any women who read this, “you are¬†not alone! ¬†I understand and I care about what you’re going through, and no, it’s not fair”.


About PCOS & Resources

Mostly Australian, but still helpful

  • Better Health Channel Victoria: PCOS
  • The Women’s Royal Hospital Victoria: About PCOS
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association of Australia: POSAA

PCOS & Food

Because we all know we’re fat (not) because we sit on our arses *pfft*


I’ve tried to give you links to forums where you don’t have to register in order to post, but I’ve found that ¬†it’s almost impossible! ¬†By the way, POSAA also has forums, but you have to be a paid member -_-