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Christianity & Proselytising

*giggles*  Christians are so funny, especially those from denominations that use witnessing as a platform to convert.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind faith based religions – you could almost say I’m faith based in my religious beliefs as well, but what I do object to is being told that because I don’t believe in the Christian God that I am stagnant and therefore “dead”.  That’s just insulting.  Regardless of what belief system a person uses, the person who does not learn is essentially dead and buried.  There is always something to learn; to change and grow is my purpose in life, and I won’t be told any different just because I don’t believe in the same thing as you, thank you very much!  But good luck to you, I hope your God gives you what you need in faith and belief, because mine does the same for me.  Just saying!

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Do I …

… really have the right to call myself a sometimes blogger now that I’ve recaught the writing bug?  I’m thoroughly enjoying this cathartic experience and don’t really want to split my blog up, but I’m seeing the necessity for this.  Any comments? What do you think?  Would you prefer to see page chapters rather than scroll though the “never ending story”?

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so … I’ve been ruminating and writing a blog page in my head for the last 24 hours and I’ve finally come up with a page that meets my immediate needs to disseminate information.  That said however, I think I’m going to end up with an entirely new WP account so I can present the information properly.  Sighs … I’m gonna love this >:D

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Unenthused …

I’m really feeling tired right now. I managed to reorganize some furniture and I’m supposed to be cleaning up the fridge (this stupid little bar fridge that does nothing) so I can fit all the shopping in it, but really, I’m so unenthused by it all, even if my living area is a mess. I’m watching that 90 Days PCOS free video at the moment and the woman’s effervescence is just wearing me out. I’m glad she’s made it, but for the life of me, I’m not sure if I can apply it right now.