All about a sometimes blogger

Writing about myself, like most people, has never been my strongest point.   I’m not so sure why it’s easier for me to blog about my days, hours or moments, but it just is.  I’ve been passionate about the written word since I was first read to as a child and that passion has continued to the point where my ideal employment is always something to do with the written word.

So, about me, a sometimes blogger …

I’m a woman in her late 30s (omg, where did the time go) who (to date) is currently an unemployed secretary due to many reasons,  including my health, which is a main factor in my … shyness to work outside of the home.  I’m a pagan with leanings towards hedge-witchcraft (yes, I’ll explain that anon), a trained High Priestess and I have had my own group (for the uninitiated, I guess this could be described as a coven, although it was nothing like the traditional sense of a coven), and, I’ve written a book about my personal style of paganism (I really must look at e-publishing).  LMAO … I’ve just realised through rereading this page that I really ought to get an editor! šŸ˜€

Umm … what else … I’m a Taurus Dragon (which will pinpoint age and possible birth date LOL), a serious food lover (which my PCOS is slowly strangling as I slowly cut out all the foods that I’m not allowed to eat >.<), I love most things sensual, tactile and beautiful.  I’m a cuddle monsta, a “kiss” monsta (according to my step-daughter), I love science fiction (movies), SF fantasy (books and movies), I’m a sometimes fashionista but am more often a hippy in disguise.  I’ve been a resident on Second Life for quite a long while, growing and learning about myself and my limits through a visual/written format in which I landscape, build, learn and teach.  Incidentally, I met my current partner on Second Life (SL), which is generally acknowledge as a rarity in SL.

There are probably many more things that I can describe about myself, but at the moment, this is the essence of me … a sometimes blogger …


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